Ameresco Intelligent Solutions


Ameresco's dashboard solutions help our clients communicate progress and trends for public and business sustainability purposes. We have deployed our dashboards for the commercial, industrial, municipal, healthcare, K-12 and university sectors where carbon, energy and water are important message points. Users are able to access key areas of interest that communicate sustainability trends in an easy to understand, non-technical manner from their desktop, mobile devices, or strategically placed kiosks. Contact Ameresco to learn how we can help improve your sustainability outreach.

Real Time Monitoring

Understanding sustainability indicators and energy use in real time is important to transforming performance, whether sustainability or business driven. Ameresco's real time monitoring solution utilizes the simplicity and convenience of our hosted and secure cloud software technology to capture enterprise, facility, system, component and utility data for display wherever you are, whenever you need it. Reach out to us for a demonstration how real time monitoring has transformed manufacturing decisions, energy use, and carbon emissions reduction for our clients.

Supply Management

How much capital does your enterprise have tied up in your energy purchase agreements? Ameresco's intelligent solutions platform helps to minimize the captive capital within your organization's energy contracts. Tariff analysis, volumes, contract structures, physical delivery methods and more can all benefit from our integrated intelligent solutions offer. Ameresco manages more than $3B in client energy purchases each year. Contact us to put our supply management expertise to work for you.

Utility Bill Services

Ameresco's intelligent solutions platform includes industry leading utility bill management services with the convenience of secure cloud hosted technology utility reporting for each of your locations and the enterprise too. Advanced analytical tools perform highly refined audits on each utility bill to ensure its accuracy and the reporting flexibility we offer is unmatched. More importantly, this feature of our intelligent solutions can be integrated with Ameresco's real time monitoring capability to enable validation and comparative analysis for intelligent decision making and reporting. Contact Ameresco for a demonstration of this widely used Ameresco intelligent solution.

Sustainable Solutions

Ameresco employs sustainable and intelligent solution planning for your enterprise. Our solutions transcend the technical to include the people, organization and funding challenges to successful sustainability results. Experienced business leaders and engineers help you apply the ISO 50001 and Energy Star Guidelines that outline the comprehensive recommendations proven to work for sustainable energy management. Our intelligent solution platform provides the structure your organization may need to move ideas through the organization approval and funding cycle and into implementation. Whether your needs are to capture and understand utility billing, improve energy utilization by measuring and controlling systems more efficiently, replace inefficient equipment, deploy automated demand response, or shift to alternative energy generation, Ameresco has the expertise needed to deliver sustainable solutions intelligently. Engage our team today to perform an integrated sustainability action plan and develop your path to sustainability.

Asset Management

More than 9,000 client users in all sectors of the economy successfully employ our intelligent solutions platform to understand, manage and improve their asset base. Ameresco’s asset planning expertise and solutions are based on years of client use and continuous feedback which can be yours to deploy. The simplicity and convenience of our hosted and secure cloud software technology is available to capture enterprise, facility, system, component and utility data for display wherever you are, whenever you need it. Contact us to see how Ameresco can integrate your asset information with our sustainable solutions, utility bill management, real time monitoring and operations management through the Ameresco intelligent solution platform.

Renewable Solutions

The intelligent renewable solution in today's economy requires carbon, energy, regulatory, tax, and utility and construction expertise. Ameresco successfully owns and operates more than 200MW of our own renewable assets, and we have built many more for clients in all sectors, so you can be confident we know the business. Our intelligent solution platform for renewables is the ideal solution for clients with multiple locations where renewable data and operating conditions must be consolidated and centrally displayed on one main website to ensure optimal performance. Ask us for information how we might help your renewable needs intelligently.


We know that success is all about people and less about technology. As a result, Ameresco's approach utilizes our intelligent solutions platform to connect people and reduce barriers to the organization's success by providing the structure to move ideas through the organization into successful implementation. We work collaboratively, with your team and in your spaces as needed, to identify opportunities, offer insights, provide engineering and calculations and implement improvements. “The first thing I do each morning is check the system to see how my equipment is operating. I know before the end of my first coffee what my day will be like.” Client Operations Manager using Ameresco Intelligent Solutions for operating equipment effectiveness (OEE). Contact us today to see how the Ameresco Intelligent Solutions platform integrates into operations management to make your day clear.